Experience the exhilaration of a thrilling microlight flight!

An amazing chance to see Cornwall from the latest state of the art flexwing microlight with an approved CAA flying instructor.

Flexwing  GT450

The aircraft we use is a P and M Quik GT450 Flexwing microlight  with a trim range of 55-80mph making it perfect for all occasions. Used by instructors, club pilots and competition pilots alike, it has taken it all without compromise. Holder of various world records from speed in a triangle to world record heights to winning world championships. The first Quik with a 450kg maximum take-off weight.

Fixedwing  C42

The Ikarus C42 is a single-engined high-wing monoplane with side-by-side seating for two. The aircraft is structurally supported by a backbone of large diameter aluminium tube which runs the length of the aircraft. The cabin and fuselage shell is a composite material. Access to the cabin is provided by two gull-wing doors. G-CLYA is under two years old and is the perfect training aircraft, it is fitted with the super reliable 80hp Rotax engine. 

Flight Experience :

Half Hour £80.00

One Hour £145.00

There is an age limit of 14, sensible shoes should be worn and please be patient with the Cornish weather!

Gaining a licence.

You are required to complete a minimum of 25 hours flying (for an unrestricted licence) of which 10 hours must be solo, including two solo cross country flights and finally General Skills Test (GST). However, it may take longer, depending on your own pace of learning and the frequency that you fly.

There are also 5 multiple choice theory exams that you are required to take.
The minimum age to start lessons is 14 and from there a student can go solo at 16 and then apply for a pilots license at 17 years old.

More details about the licence requirements can be found at  

Our Prices.

Prices include equipment hire and landings. The only additional cost is club membership with Perranporth Flying Club currently at £140 per year. (can be paid monthly)

Call Gary on 07582 056347